Principal Investigator

Eve Schneider, PhD

Eve was an Arnold O. Beckman postdoctoral fellow at Yale University School of Medicine working with Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva. She obtained her PhD from Princeton University working with Sam Wang, and her bachelors from Rutgers University. Her interests include; sculpture, beekeeping, bird watching, and baby wrangling.

Graduate students


If you’re interested in applying to the UK Biology grad program and want to join the Schneider lab please email . Our program has many great features, including full funding, no GRE requirement, and the choice between direct admit or lab rotations. For some excellent (and humorous!) advice about how to begin this conversation click here.

Kaylynne Glover

Though Kaylynne is technically in Vincent Cassone’s lab, you can find her in the Schneider lab where she is a source of inspiration and our resident “lab sanity consultant.”


Jason Flynn

Jason is an undergraduate studying biology at the University of Kentucky. His goal is to go to medical school to study radiology. His interests include music, college basketball, tennis, and spending time with his dog.

Thomas Hart