Principal Investigator

Eve Schneider, PhD

Eve is a 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Research fellow and Assistant Prof in the UK Biology Dept. Previously, she was an Arnold O. Beckman postdoctoral fellow at Yale University School of Medicine working with Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva. She obtained her PhD from Princeton University working with Sam Wang, and her bachelors from Rutgers University. Her interests include; sculpture, beekeeping, bird watching, and baby wrangling.

Graduate students

Thomas Hart

Thomas is a Masters student in the Biology Graduate program at the University of Kentucky. His plan is to pursue a career in biological research and teaching. He is also the president of UK’s German Club and a writer for the Kentucky Kernel. Some of his hobbies are hunting, fishing, winemaking, and cooking.

Aaron West

Aaron is studying for his Ph.D. in the Biology Graduate program at the University of Kentucky. His plan is to pursue a career solely in biological research. Originally from the South Suburbs of Chicago, some of his hobbies and interests are breathing the great outdoors, trying new things, and snacking.

Lab technician

JOB kiptoo LIMO

Limo graduated from Berea College with a Degree in Chemistry.


Alan Luc

Grace Martin

Emelia Stricker

Highschool students

Bailey Zhu



Lab alumni

Hannah Cleary (Undergrad) Current whereabouts: UKY Medical School.
Kourtney Strickland (Undergrad) Current whereabouts: Lab Tech in Louisville.
Jacob Friedrich (Undergrad) Current whereabouts: UKY Med School at Bowling Green
Jason Flynn (Undergrad)
Current whereabouts: Graduate student, Vanderbilt Univeristy
Mitchell Nelson (Undergrad)
Current whereabouts:
Emily Xu (Undergrad)
Current whereabouts:
Daniel Pearcy (Lab manager) Current whereabouts: HS Science teacher, Indiana.
Lainey Burman (Undergrad) Current whereabouts:
Stephanie Farrell (Undergrad) Current whereabouts: